Thursday, December 29, 2005


Bryan Adams meets Sonic Freedom on Track#2?

Hi. New feedback email just in for "It's All About Love"

> I was kinda getting a Bryan Adams vibe. I'd class it under 'Back To You'
> or 'Summer of 69', but especially the later.
> You know what... Maybe Summer of 69 wasn't the best comparison, but I'm
> still getting a Bryan Adams feel.

It's up to you to decide for yourself. Go ahead and listen to

"It's All About Love"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Michelle Branch inspires Sonic Freedom...

Yes, it's true. My latest inspiration is Michelle Branch.
I've just listened to what's on her website.
Those songs are really pulling...haunting...real talent.

Breathe, Everywhere, Find My Way Back,
'Til I Get Over You, Are You Happy Now, Hotel Paper

You can hear her new country tinged song, The Good Kind,
from her new band The Wreckers.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Santa Claus and Sonic Claus open surprise gifts...Sonic Freedom T-shirts

Happy Holidays.

Sonic Claus has some Posirock goodies in this bag. - Posirock - Earth's New Sonic Revolution

Do you wanna see Alba also modeling new Sonic Freedom T-shirts?
Just go to the debut CD home page and click around to find other pictures.

The 2nd Annual Sonic Freedom Rock Star Autographed Guitar Giveaway
is coming very soon...Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


John Lennon and Tim Mainka in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Hey good people.
We are so incredibly interconnected, it's amazing.

I had a great trip to Ann Arbor, MI this past weekend.
I met Herb Davis at Herb Davis Guitar Studio and played some really rare instruments - A lute, a lute guitar, some Nigerian lute-like instrument.
Wow, he has this huge Asian drum and then there's the harp
that looks like it's from ancient Greece.

While talking to Herb, all of sudden, Arlo Guthrie calls up (he was playing at "the Ark" that night). So I look around and saw Eric Clapton's autograph on one of his photos he gave Herb. But the coolest thing was finding and touching the same chair John Lennon sat in 1971.

John Lennon...Tim Mainka...the your name here...

FWIW, here's some John Lennon quotes. Enjoy!

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