Sunday, October 08, 2006


See Me, Ty Tabor and ____?


Two quick ones.

Go see a new photo of me with both Ty Tabor
and my autograph on the special guitar gift.

Winner too.
Guess who looks happy holding it?

A Tim Mainka Ty Tabor Autographed Guitar!

Then simply let me know if you know any rock stars
who may join the 3rd Annual Sonic Freedom®
Rock Star Autographed Guitar Giveaway as a
double featured artist!

I'll reward you beautifully if you do.
Comment (just hit comment button), mail or call me as soon as possible.

Sonic Freedom LLC
P0 B0x 192
Grandville, MI 49468
616~249~0020 (EST during business hours)

Again I want to specially thank the
Top Five With Most Bonus Entries:

1. Leo Milner of
2. David Milliern - Our King's X Myspace Man
3. John Pulaski, (winner)

So just go see

A Tim Mainka Ty Tabor Autographed Guitar!

and then write or call me to reap rewards.

Thanks. Musically Yours,

Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom®
Myspace - Sonic Freedom

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