Sunday, December 24, 2006


Unbelievable But True? Plus Crazy Christmas Gifts...


Merry Crazy Christmas!

Believe it or not,
I'm grateful to give $1 (USA) to you and
my Sonic Freedom community strings attached.

Yes, you read that right.
More on that. (I'm not crazy)

Plus, I have a bullet in a bible...opps (that Green Day DVD rocks)
I mean I have a bullet list of gifts from 'Santas Elves'.

I probably have a gift for your taste somewhere in this bag.
The generosity of the Internet Marketing Industry abounds.

All of this is so important that I made a webpage for it!

Time sensitive

[link hidden and revealed to Sonic Freedom Newsletter Subscribers] 

The one d0llar gift catch?

If you have Paypal account to receive $1 (USA) from me
than you qualify. (if there is still time?)

This offer is likely to expire shortly in an unknown time,
without official notice and before I am totally broke
from hundreds or thousands taking advantage.

I appreciate you.


Thank you for being my Sonic Freedom friend.

Have a Merry Christmas Holiday and
may all your dreams come true.

With love,

[link hidden and revealed to Sonic Freedom Newsletter Subscribers] (Time sensitive)

36 countries and growing!

Join the community at

Thanks. Musically Yours,

Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom®

> RE: Baby I Don't Care *
> 'This is fun rock music like Count Five's Psychotic Reaction
> or Golden Earring's Radar Love, both Golden Oldies from the Sixties.'
> - Curtis Lowell,

You can enjoy the newest mix of *Baby I Don't Care*
and the newest f.ree mp3 downloads at:


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