Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Fragrance-free Church? Allergen-free Church? Non-Toxic Church?


Clean air blessings poisoned by township (for five years!) but Judge sides with allergen-free church's religious freedom under the United States Constitution and the Religious Land Use Act signed into law in 2000 by then-President Clinton.

Who else is sick of getting sick from petro-chemical fragrances (perfume and cologne) in church?

GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP -- The leader of a church that sought to build an allergen-free worship center feels vindicated by a legal opinion that the township's opposition breached federal law...

"Judge Bosman has done a great deal to help us rebuild our reputation," Cheetham said. "He acknowledged that we were trying to build a special building to cater to people with chemical sensitivity. For us, it's an important part of Christ's mission ... to recognize the special needs of people."

Bosman ruled the proposed building qualifies as a church because people would gather there to worship. The township's opposition obstructs the church's religious freedom, he wrote. "There is no dispute that the members of (the society) are physically unable to attend worship services in
any conventional church," Bosman wrote. "The (township's) action effectively prevents the members...from worshipping at all."

This is just a
tiny mustard seed
taste of an unbelievable true tragic story and
an enormous display of perseverence for truth and justice.

You may read the original story here:
--> Learn more here with an attorney .pdf file of the main article.

The Grand Rapids Press article was published at Mlive.com

Special shocking .pdf file here!!!
--- article originally in the Grand Valley Advance (Georgetown Township rag which has published negative bias against Christ's followers) gets rebuked by Roger Severino, legal counsel for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Washington D.C.

"...What is actually up in the air is whether the Township will join us at the table in fair and honest settlement discussions or if it will continue to waste more taxpayer dollars litigating a fight it has already lost." - Roger Severino

Has Georgetown Township chosen the fair and honest decision? Guess what...

Georgetown Township continues hostile behavior by attacking Great Lakes Society members' disabilities by ____________ and _____________ and_________________and...

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