Sunday, May 18, 2008


Magical Musical Places and Feelings You Never Knew Even Existed!

"...magical musical places and feelings you never knew even existed!" <-- click there

Plus if you missed out on discovering the Sonic Freedom® Ninjas, plus there's a new stream to taste.

"That Many People" is the first succulent flavor to savor. (first recommendation)
Yes, that means play that "mystery music box" first.
Yes! Yes yes and that means --> Play "That Many People" first. :)

BTW, fellow Sonic Freedom email subscribers get the first notice on everything
and knew about this way -- if you are still outside looking in...

Enjoy and join the fun over at
Now is a good time. cheers ~T

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Robert Plant -- Rock is Folk -- Tim Mainka

Robert Plant: "The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That's all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated?...We are trying to communicate a fulfilled ideal...I am a reflection of what I sing. Sometimes I have to get serious because the things I've been through are serious...The way I see it, rock n' roll is folk music."

Mmm...I like it.
Rock is folk. hehe ~T

How about rock folk?
Freely comment below. 

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Drumming Lefty? *

So last Friday I jumped in the open mic band with lefty drums..woo-hoo-fUn.
Just had to say that.

Not to mention (just did lol) Shoeless Gary stirring up sonic freedom with yours truly..

..had fun with guitar and bass too.
You can check upcoming special events at either or

* Yes Virginia, I normally drum righty. :)

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