Thursday, December 08, 2005


John Lennon and Tim Mainka in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Hey good people.
We are so incredibly interconnected, it's amazing.

I had a great trip to Ann Arbor, MI this past weekend.
I met Herb Davis at Herb Davis Guitar Studio and played some really rare instruments - A lute, a lute guitar, some Nigerian lute-like instrument.
Wow, he has this huge Asian drum and then there's the harp
that looks like it's from ancient Greece.

While talking to Herb, all of sudden, Arlo Guthrie calls up (he was playing at "the Ark" that night). So I look around and saw Eric Clapton's autograph on one of his photos he gave Herb. But the coolest thing was finding and touching the same chair John Lennon sat in 1971.

John Lennon...Tim Mainka...the your name here...

FWIW, here's some John Lennon quotes. Enjoy!

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