Sunday, November 05, 2006


New Mp3 For You - For The Hell of It!


Woo-hoo! --> 'For The Hell of It'

Yes, that's the name of it.

I'm excited.

'For The Hell of It'

You'll never imagine.
It's really unexpected, a real surprise.


Can you imagine combining
(even though it definitely sounds different)

Dream Theater
Led Zeppelin
Motley Crue
Tim Mainka
Black Sabbath
Offspring (a tiny bit)
Sonic Freedom (of course)
with a Celtic tinge of...

Make sure you reply email me back to let me know.

Imagine...there's a fun vocal sustain for ___ seconds!

It's a 'sonic freedom heart and mind bomb'
that was really an experiment in pressing record
with a guitar (no c.lick track, just go go go, do it)
and later adding all other ear candy.

I poured on some dark amber -- grade A Maple Syrup
and Orange Honey and it stuck.

Mouth watering?

Alright, go taste.

'For The Hell of It'

It was just for fun and was not going to be serious
but it ended up enthralling me in
'sonic freedom' this weekend.

(actually there is a somewhat funny section)

I bet you'll enjoy this no matter what.

And what if you L0VE it?

What if it rocks so deep in your heart
that you tattoo Sonic Freedom on your ______!

Go listen n0w, enjoy 'For The Hell of It'
and forward this blog and song to your friends.

'For The Hell of It'

Thanks. Musically Yours,

Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom®

PS -


I can't promise to keep this
demo pre-release mp3 up.

The music sharks may eat it up!

So go enjoy the newest real time 'sonic freedom'
and forward this blog and song to your friends.

This song is a blast. Enjoy

'For The Hell of It'

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