Wednesday, October 29, 2008


GMO's Exposed...Plus

When Monsanto’s (GMOs) attorney threatens "dire consequences",
is there something in this video that is being kept from you? (see free video here)

"Finally, we invite you to have house party showings of the new film,
The World According to Monsanto, which is a part of a packaged two DVD set
that includes Your Milk on Drugs-Just Say No!

This eye-opening documentary on the hazards of milk containing rBGH which includes footage from a news series prepared for a Florida Fox TV station canceled after they received a letter from Monsanto’s attorney threatening "dire consequences".

The World According to Monsanto, takes a hard look at Monsanto’s campaign of deception and use of coercive tactics to gain market supremacy. A showing of these two films together is sure to motivate every viewer to take steps to stop GMOs."

Bottom line:
1 or 2?
1. Stay uninformed and continue to poison yourself and others with GMOs.
2. Get informed, aware and keep good health.


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